Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tomorrow - Ad Astra!

Tomorrow I'm off to Ad Astra for much fun and reconnecting with old friends.  And making new friends, too!  My storytelling show is ready, with multiple stories on the stars.  I have a folktale, a fairy tale, a literary tale, a historical story and possibly a poem, depending on whether or not my mind is still functional by the end.  It's going to be fun, so I hope you'll come out!  It's Friday at 11pm.  I turn into a pumpkin at 10 pm, so this should be funny.

Last year, I missed my own show and created quite a security stir.  This year I intend to be there early.  If, however, you happen to spot me wandering the halls after 10:30 pm, be a dear and make sure I make it to my show, please.  I mean well, I just tend to get lost/confused/illiterate/distracted by shiny objects.

I'm not quite ready for the con yet.  I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I haven't planned my wardrobe at all. (Gasp!) That usually means I'll pack way too much.  Oh well, I can enjoy wardrobe changes as the whim grabs me. 

My luggage is going to be full in shoes alone.  I've already put four pairs aside, not including my running shoes, which I'm wearing for travel (my feet love me more that way).  Four pairs of shoes for a three-day con.  Hu.  My math-fu is weak.

I have to keep it reasonable (ha!) since I'm giving a lift to a few other people, who I assume will also bring some luggage and expect there to be room in my car.  I suppose they can keep it on their laps.  Perfectly comfortable for a 4+hour drive. 

I'm going to have what I believe is a limited supply of books (again, weak math-fu), so make sure to drop by the Dragon Moon Press table early on to nab any copies of my books you're missing.  (You know you want them all.)  I'll be there as often as possible.  Otherwise, hunt me down!  I doubt I'll be leaving the hotel, unless it's to get a Timmy's down the road.  Mmmm coffee...

See you there!  (At Ad Astra, not Timmy's. Well, maybe Timmy's too.  That'd be cool too.)