Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Apple Thief at Windborn

I'm very excited for Windborn this Sunday. Not only do I get to hear wonderful tales and poems from fellow Kymeras Sean Zio and Ruthanne Edward (Kathryn Hunt is sadly out of town), I'll also get to enjoy The Fruit Machine by special guest Brendan McLeod.  I saw this show during the last season of Once Upon a Slam, and it was good fun. Well worth coming out to see. 

On top of all of that fun and goodness, I get to premiere a story I've been toying with for a long time. This is the story of Emily. I first touched on her story when giving a small talk years ago about the creation of stories. Out of thin air, I mentioned the story of Emily, the young girl who stood on the other side of the road from Cinderella's house, tears streaming down her face as the prince found the foot that matched the glass slipper. I was curious about her story, but it took another five years for it to materialize. (Some stories are rude, let's face it.)

And what did make the story materialize honestly surprised me. For Windborn, the Kymeras selected the theme of apples. And, while prepping my stories, my very late psyche informed me that Emily was an apple thief. With that strange connection, the story plopped itself down comfortably into my mind.

It's a two-part story and a it's got a bit of everything - romance, betrayal, magic and curses. And apples, of course!

I'll also be at Jo Walton's Farthing Party in Montreal this weekend. It's a quaint con, with one track of programming and no dealers room. I think it's going to be awesome. It'll be nice and cozy and involve lots of chatting and listening to cool topics. I love cool topics.

I'm leaving Farthing Party at 4 o'clock and racing back to Ottawa for Windborn. I should be there around 6:30, which is good since the show start at 7 pm at the Mercury Lounge (in the Byward Market - Check out the Facebook event page.)

Good times, my friends! Hope you come out and meet Emily!