Thursday, 8 September 2011

Star Trek and Can-Con

Today is Star Trek's 45th anniversary! I remember when I first encountered Star Trek. My parents had forbidden me from watching it (even though neither one of them remembers why). I used to hide under the dining room table and watch it from there, with chair legs in my way. But I still thought it was awesome cool.

Of course I was allowed to watch cartoons and, when I was a kid, a lot of cartoons in French were dubbed animes. Those that were from France and not Japan usually made it to the Japanese market anyway since they hosted similar themes (war and death!), so I'm not sure how that was much better. Watching that orphan's dog being ripped apart by wolves as it tried to protect its master was so much better than Kirk and his ripped shirt, I'm sure.

And then my parents split up and I was allowed to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. That's right. From no Star Trek to falling asleep as Freddie maimed people in front of me, then waking up to a dark room after the movie had ended, the screen flickering menacingly while your brother and father are now but shadowy lumps on the floor in front of you and you wonder if they're DEAD because they're just lying there and Freddie might be coming and you're cold and little and too scared to move. (Turns out they were sleeping.)

But I digress.

Go, Star Trek!

This was supposed to be a post about my early geekhood, but apparently I had some stuff to work through. Thank you for listening.


This weekend is Can-Con!  It's our one local con and I love it so.  Last year I was GoH and this year they've honoured me with Special Guest status. It's a small but growing con and I hope it'll have a long and fruitful future.

My schedule is as follows: 

Saturday, 4pm
I'm going to have some fun with this one. I'll tell a story or two, of course, and I might read from my next novel. And, since this entry showcases emotional baggage (truly), I may read from my diary. That's right. You want a glimpse into Little Marie's mind?  Come to my reading. It'll be an eye-opener, truly.

Saturday, 5pm
Languages: Real, Constructed, Artificial and Imaginary
with Amanda Sun and Duncan McGregor
This should be fun. I intend to speak in a dialect unknown to anyone, including myself.

Sunday, 11am
Keeping Your Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats
with Hayden Trenholm and Leah Bobet
Hayden and Leah are both fantastic authors and fun to listen to. I'll just sit there and bask in their coolness.  You should, too!

If you're interested in picking up copies of my books, they'll be in the dealers' room. Nanopress has a nice inventory.

Hope to see you at there!