Monday, 12 September 2011

Can-Con 2011

This weekend was Can-Con 2011 in Ottawa, and it was awesome time.  I had the pleasure of seeing lots of old friends and make new ones, talked books with some fun people (and got some awesome trades!), was brought peach juice by klingons and the wonderful con suite folk, and ate lots of chocolate.  Really, that makes for a perfect con.

But, above that, this con will always be special to me since it'll always me my first Guest of Honour gig (in 2010), AND it's in my city. We only have one sci-fi con in Ottawa, so let's support it by showing up in even greater numbers next year. Trust me - it's definitely worth it!

I left my brain in the con suite (I'm sure they'll get it back to me), so I really can't piece anything else together right now. Just wanted to give a quick word of appreciation to the con-com, the participants, fellow panelists and guests. Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Next con: Farthing Party in Montreal in two weekends! Woo!