Tuesday, 24 August 2010


On hiatus since 2001, CAN-CON was back this year.  Which was great, since Ottawa was in need of a local con.  It was amazing to see how many sci-fi fans there are in the area, especially knowing that this is only the first year.  Next year should see even more participants join,  following this year’s success.

From my point of view, as Guest of Honour, the con was a success.  It wasn’t huge, but it was also its first year.  It’s just a baby, and yet I believe there were more than 100 attendees – kudos to the organizers!

The con was a success because it offered everything that it’s supposed to offer: opportunities to network, talk business, share stories, learn new things, see old friends and meet new people.  On top of that, I personally enjoyed the shopping, chatting, eating (cookies!), wearing fun outfits and just the general great atmosphere of the con.  It was small and quaint, and it was completely worthwhile.

I met lots of great writers (both published and unpublished) and had an all around good time.  I can’t thank the con-com, volunteers, guests and participants enough for such a great weekend!

Ooh, and the launch of Destiny’s Blood was also a success.  Except the nachos were stale.   Regardless, I think people had a good time.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I have them!