Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Call to Arms

Philippa Ballantine, a New Zealand author I've never had the chance to meet, has reached the next step.  A vivid podcaster, some of her novels have also been published by one of my publishers, Dragon Moon Press.  They're fun, magic-filled books (Digital Magic and Chasing the Bard), and I encourage you to check them out anytime, but for now, I'm passing along a call to arms.

Philippa, you see, has made the jump from small press to big New York press.  She sold her latest novel, Geist, to ACE.  It's a dream many authors in small presses share, and one that our publishers encourage.  We make it big, our back lists probably starts to sell more, too, so everyone's happy!  Proof of that is that Dragon Moon Press Associate Publisher and editor, Gabrielle Harbowy, did the copy-edits on Geist before it sold to ACE.  (Gabrielle also edited Destiny's Blood, and trust me, she kicks ass.  And quite a few Dragon Moon Press authors make the leap, which shows the publisher's dedication to helping good authors become great ones.)

But the problem right now is that ACE is in the process of deciding whether to just stick with the two books they've contracted from Philippa, or buy two more, which she needs to complete her story.  And Geist hasn't even hit bookstore shelves yet.  It would be criminal to have an incomplete series, if you ask me (which, since you're reading my blog, you totally are!)

Visit her site to see how you can help

Again, she's a great author.  I wouldn't make this call out if I didn't believe she could go really far.  She just needs a little extra boost to get there.