Sunday, 8 August 2010

Destiny's Blood on Amazon!

I just spent an amazing week at a cottage with nothing but my best friends, my laptop and a couple of good books.  One of the best (and, admittedly, scariest) parts was having no Internet.  But then I came back to some wonderful surprises, including Destiny's Blood on and!

The Heirs of a Broken Land trilogy won't be available on Canadian sites until the release of its second edition in 2012, so this is the first listing on for one of my books.  It's cool to see!  And it'll be easier for Canadian readers to get, which is a big bonus.

The official launch for Destiny's Blood will be on August 20, at CAN-CON in Ottawa (where I'm Guest of Honour).  The launch will take place at the Travelodge on Carling, from 7 to 10 pm, and we'll have platters! Come out, enjoy, chat it up and buy a book! 

On Destiny's Blood (cover art by the amazing Kari-Ann Anderson)

Layela Delamores wants nothing more than to settle into a quiet, peaceful life, running her small flower shop with her twin sister, Yoma. But the peace she craves is shattered each night by terrifying visions that she can never remember upon waking. When Yoma vanishes, Layela is certain that her nightly visions hold the key. Only her sister's thieving friend, one of the last surviving members of the ether races, can unlock them, but Layela suspects that her friend isn’t telling her the whole truth.

Torn from the safety of her flower shop and thrust into a universe of smugglers and assassins, Layela must pursue her sister across space in a desperate bid to overcome the destruction foretold in her dreams. But without full knowledge of her visions, she has no way to prevent them from coming to pass. And the fate of an entire galaxy hangs in the balance.

Unless Layela finds a way to stop destiny itself. But that would mean sacrificing her sister.

Or herself.