Thursday, 12 August 2010

See you at CAN-CON

Here's my schedule for CAN-CON, where I have the great, well, honour of being Guest of Honour!  First one ever, too.  As I told a journalist, which I hope she'll edit out (though of course I have to write it here, apparently):  It's my first time in your publication and my first Guest of Honour gig - I feel like I'm losing my virginity all over the place!

Let us pray the journalist is a good editor.  Anyway... this is where I'll be.

Friday, August 20
Destiny's Blood Book Launch, 7 - 10 pm
After a crazy couple of years with four books coming out, this author is taking it easy and only writing one novel this year.  To celebrate my last book launch in at least a year, I'm going to have platters!  ... not many platters, so get there early, buy a book and eat a cracker!

Saturday, August 21
Guest of Honour Hour, noon  (I think I'll be on display.  I'm bringing multiple outfits, to keep things fresh.)
Writers Workshop, 1 pm
Panel: Non-Mainstream Publishing, 3pm

I don't have the full schedule yet, but I know there are two more not-to-be-missed events !

August 21, 4 pm
Book Launch of Stealing Home, by Hayden Trenholm
Hayden is an aurora-winning kick-ass author and a just all around nice guy, so come out and support him as he launches the final volume of his trilogy.

August 21, 8 pm
Kymeras' Steampunk Show!
It's part of the steampunk social.  We'll be telling steampunk stories and poems! For more info on the Kymeras, check out our shiny website,

This con, the first in Ottawa since 2001, should be great.  I hope all the Ottawa and nearby fans will come out and encourage the "local scene."