Monday, 30 August 2010

Radio Fun!

Being Guest of Honour at CAN-CON and the release of Destiny's Blood have combined and mutated to create media interest.  Well, maybe they haven't mutated, but they might yet.  Who knows.

Three radio interviews were lined up, all with very different interviewers and audiences.  The first was on CBC's All in a Day and really focused on Destiny's Blood (listen). My favourite part was when the interviewer read a piece of my novel he had selected.  It was neat and strange - the beginning of chapter 23 wasn't quite what I'd expected.  Still, it's fun to hear someone else select something and make it their own.  That's when writing really becomes alive!

My second was with Dean Verger on CKCU's Monday Morning Special Blend (listen).  Dean asked a lot of  targeted questions on writing, style and technique, which proved fun and challenging on a Monday morning before caffeine.  (Note to self: next time, drink coffee before interview.)

I was also on Radio-Canada's Divines tentations, but unfortunately I don't have a recording for that one.  I was sitting on the bed in the consuite at CAN-CON during that phone interview, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

What I like best about these interviews is the element of surprise.  You just never know what they'll ask, if you're interpreting their question correctly, or if you're throwing them a curve ball.  You have to think on your feet and hope they won't ask questions that are too strange.  And that you don't answer too strangely.  The poor interviewers don't need to deal with that, either!  Especially since all of these radio interviews are live.

I think we all managed to stay on the safe side of the strange tracks, which is for the best.  Now that the book is merrily making its way around and CAN-CON is over, I anticipate the media interest will dwindle a bit, though I'll certainly try and stir some!  Mind you, I could use all the writing time I can get.

...Must figure out win-win scenario...