Friday, 24 January 2014

Cool Stuff From This Week

Several cool things popped up in my life this week.  I'll list them here so I don't spam everyone on social media. You're welcome.

My reading at ChiSeries was video taped by Silver Stag Productions and put up on YouTube.  I read two scenes from Destiny's Blood.  I admit - I couldn't see my page very well.  But I pushed through. Check it out!

There's now a GoodReads giveaway for all three Destiny books! Sign up to win destruction-y goodness.

This is totally not related to anything, really, but I was amused by it.  I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday evening:  "Lesson of the day: Don't cook and text. Then you won't inform your sister-in-law/BFF that you ate a bus load of rabbits when in fact you performed the much less shocking act of eating of a bushel of radishes."

And two of the sweetest things ever were said to me by friends:
  1. Congratulations! You are now the family member we don't talk about. 
  2. You are the character missing from too many novels.
How sweet?  My facebook friends are the best!

And, last but certainly not least, Nicole Lavigne, of ChiSeries Ottawa fame, made this and left me in very touched giggles:

It's nice to have people who read your books and like them enough to meme about them.  Thanks, Nicole!  

This weekend is G-Anime. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.  Hope to see you there!