Tuesday, 21 January 2014

G-Anime Schedule!

I love G-Anime.  The organizers are great to deal with and the cosplay is out of this world.  This year, the organizers of G-Anime were kind enough to invite Roomy and I as guests once again.  The Sunday is "Trottawa," a local pony con.  Roomy's programming is mostly on that day, but she's doing some panels with me too, which is fun. I'll also be joined by the wonderful Jay Odjick and also by local author and collector Mary Pletsch.  And other folk that I look forward to meeting, of course!

My schedule:

Heroes And Protagonists - Saturday at 1000 in Panel 3

Collaborative Writing - Saturday at 1200 in Panel 3

Collecting 101 - Saturday at 1500 in Panel 3

Collecting 102 - Saturday at 2100 in Panel 3

Living The Creative Lifestyle - Sunday at 1000 in Panel 3

Writing Workshop - Sunday at 1100 in Panel 3

Hope to see you there!