Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Upcoming ChiSeries!

I have the honour of reading at the next ChiSeries on Tuesday, January 14 (see pretty poster below). I've gone on about it before and I will again - the ChiSeries is a great event put on by great people, and Ottawa is lucky to have such a dedicated bunch of volunteers who are trying to fire this once sleepy Ottawa geek community into overdrive. The readings promise to be excellent and there will be so many awesome people that it would be silly not to show up.

These events won't keep happening unless we all show up and fill the room, however. January is a scary time to host events, but we're Canadians, right?  We'll show up. (Remember that I said this when I announce my book launch details tomorrow...) 

ChiSeries is at Maxwell's, so they'll also have food and drink (er, at your own expense, to be clear), and it should be a heck of a good time.  Come on down!

Still not sure? Tune in to Click Here with Mitchell Caplan on CHUO tomorrow at 5pm to hear snippets of readings. It'll give you a good idea of the types of stuff you'll hear, and also why you really don't want to miss out. Plus, you'll get to hear my "sexy getting over the flu" voice (or, as Roomy calls it, my gross and sick voice. Whatever).

Thanks to Matt Moore for inviting me and to Nicole Lavigne for being our host that evening!

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