Wednesday, 29 January 2014

More Book Launch Awesome

The Destiny's War book launch is taking place this Friday.  Woo!  (Details here.)

So, not only will I have cool books for sale, we'll also be giving away SQUISHY STRESS STARS!

Because blowing up stars can be stressful.
But wait!  There's more!!!  We're also going to have cute centrepieces to give away, either via raffle or fight to the death.  I haven't decided yet, but I guess the venue should get some say on the latter.

And, as Roomy and I haven't yet made the centrepieces, they may yet turn out to be the most hideous things ever created under this unblown up star of ours. In that case, it'll definitely be a fight to the death scenario.

Tonight, listen in as I chat Destiny's War with Mitchell Caplan's Click Here on CHUO FM (89.1), or stream it online.  I'll read a bit of the story, too.  And yes, I do now have my voice back.

Can't make the book launch but still want your own shiny copy of the book?  E-mail me to request a  signed copy (marie (dot) s (dot) bilodeau (at) gmail (dot) com), or pick yours up at any online store.  They should all be available on Friday.

Lots of exciting stuff!  See you all soon!

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