Friday, 17 January 2014

Destiny Reviews

I'm receiving the first reviews for the Destiny series finale, and I feel like I can breathe again. So far it's all pretty favourable!  No one wants to hurt me (that I know of).  Which quite frankly only leads me to believe my readers are a tad sadistic. Makes me love you all more.

Here are some review highlights for me this week.

The Geeky Godmother posted a lovely review of the Destiny series, based on the first two books.

I love this piece of insight: "The world Marie Bilodeau has created is a wonderful mix of science fiction full of high tech, space ships and aliens, but it has a feel of myth and legend about it. Although I kept reading about metal ships and computers, I kept seeing in my mind's eye great old galleons and quaint villages, castles and magic. It's a fabulous bit of storytelling and it's very distinct from anything else I've read."

That's very much how I view the series, so it's nice to see her highlight it.
Check out the full review.

Another wonderful review also popped up this week, from local author N.L. Lavigne.  She also picked up on the mythical aspect, which again, I *love*!

"The Destiny series is a sci-fi story that feels in many ways like a fantasy set on space ships with its ether races and the importance myth plays in the story. It’s wonderfully written and I just dare you to put it down. I certainly couldn’t and polished off the second half of Destiny’s War in one day; always a good sign for me."

Check out her review!

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