Monday 12 January 2009

Princess of Light Cover

The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness is failing...

Despite her attempts to stop them, dark creatures invade Princess Cassara Edoline's small and almost forgotten kingdom, murdering her family and taking her younger brother captive. Torn by guilt and clutching an amulet of powerful magic, she vows to rescue her brother and save as many as possible from the invading hordes.

But first, she must find out what is causing the thousand-year-old magic of the Wall to fail and stop it, if she can.

As Cassara's resolve and strength are mercilessly tested and her shaky alliances begin to crumble, she must find a way to master her newfound powers which promise both salvation and destruction, or watch her beloved land be consumed by darkness and death.


Now doesn't that just sound like a good read??

Coming out in March 2009 from Absolute-X-Press!

Big thanks to Justyn Perry, Lynn Perkins and Wylliam Yoder for all their great work on the cover!