Friday 4 July 2014

Road Trip Madness!

I *love* a road trip. And I declare the next two weeks super duper road trip insanity time!

Tomorrow, Roomy and I are helping our good friends Mary and Dylan move to New Brunswick. Mary was one of the writers featured at On The Brink, and she's pretty much the reason the event happened, knowing she was leaving Ottawa shortly.  Well, that horrible time has come, so Roomy and I will see them all the way to their new home.  We owe them a couple of favours from our own move, when Roomy was down with pneumonia, so we're helping out by lugging two of their cats down. Should be fun!

My favourite moment of our move, which took place when ice still covered the ground, was when Dylan slipped on the ice. The box he was carrying, apparently a My Little Pony castle, began singing cheerfully at his downfall.  We still laugh about that when we play Drunk Battle Jenga.

Battle Jenga starts with weapons...

... and ends in tears.  A perfect game!  

We're driving with unhappy cats all day tomorrow, staying on Sunday, and coming back on Monday. S'gonna be a couple of long days!

Then on Thursday we're leaving for our yearly road trip to the My Little Pony Fair!  Roomy will go running around buying ponies and I shall sit and sell some at her booth.  I've been told that I can't read a trilogy nor write one while I'm sitting there. Task master.

This year, the Fair is in Nashville!  First stop will be in Amherstburg, near Windsor, where we'll spend the night with two of our best friends.  The following day we'll go all the way to country star land.

I've chatted about these road trips before, like when we went to Florida and Rhode Island. Our first trip, in 2007, was in Tennesse, so it's fun to get to go back there. Back then, I'd just bought my first car and Roomy said "the Fair is in Tennessee this year," and I said "road trip!" I hadn't look at how far it was yet, but I would have said the same thing anyway.

Ah road trips, how I love thee.  So, look out, East, further West and South, we're coming to visit over the next two weeks!  I'll report as I can!