Monday 4 November 2013

Pretties of the Week

Last week was spent mostly in the Acadian Peninsula, in northern New Brunswick. Northern and eastern. Here are a few pretties with mostly unresearched and (possibly overly dramatic) captions from my journey.

Well, this isn't a great first caption. That's the Baie des Chaleurs.  It's pretty and that's really the main message here.

More sunset beauty.

IT'S THE BIRDS!!  Well, a bird.

This lighthouse is very Acadian.  Google their flag if you don't believe me. If you're Canadian and you had to Google their flag, also read up about Acadian history, because your high school history class has apparently failed you.

I got lost in a small town. The middle of the town was a park on an island surounded by streets.  It was empty, despite the bustling streets and buildings around it. As I took this picture church bells began ringing and the wind grew still.  Ergo, it is a haunted park.

Haunted path.

Haunted gazebo. 

Haunted path leading to haunted fountain.

More haunted fountain.

Possibly haunted sundial. Useless sundial, anyway.

Haunted flower pot. Pretty, too.  But still haunted.

Well, okay, most of that was a park I thought was haunted, despite the lovely sunny day.  I'm off to Moncton this week - southern New Brunswick.  We'll see if anything haunted comes out of it, or anything at all. This might be the last you hear of New Brunswick, really.  But then, does that mean I'm haunted???

... Ya, I agree. Probably not.