Heirs of a Broken Land

"...having such a wonderful read with such a great ending means I can wholeheartedly tell everyone that you should definitely, absolutely and without question read all three books in the Heirs of Broken Land series. [...]  All in all, a perfect fantasy adventure!" -- Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart

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Book 1: Princess of Light

The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness is failing...

Despite her attempts to stop them, dark creatures invade Princess Cassara Edoline's small and almost forgotten kingdom, murdering her family and taking her younger brother captive. Torn by guilt and clutching an amulet of powerful magic, she vows to rescue her brother and save as many as possible from the invading hordes.

But first, she must find out what is causing the thousand-year-old magic of the Wall to fail and stop it, if she can. As Cassara's resolve and strength are mercilessly tested and her shaky alliances begin to crumble, she must find a way to master her newfound powers which promise both salvation and destruction, or watch her beloved land be consumed by darkness and death.

Book 2: Warrior of Darkness
The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness has been breached...

After leaving her home in pursuit of marauding Eloms, Avarielle Grayloft found allies in a grieving princess and a sorceress with a hidden agenda. As dark powers poisoned the land, the three fought their enemies and each other, until faced with a foe they could not defeat.

Betrayed and wounded, Avarielle is held captive in the fiery depths of a dangerous and deadly prison. Seeking vengeance, she escapes only to find herself trapped in the savage Land of Darkness. And, as she discovers the truth behind the Eloms, she is forced to question everything she believes in.

With her homeland on the verge of destruction, her powerful sword about to fall into the clutches of evil and the Eloms growing in strength and numbers, Avarielle must take the greatest gamble of all, forging an alliance with the leader of the Land of Darkness and betraying all she has ever known.

Book 3: Sorceress of Shadows

The Wall of Loss separating the lands of light and darkness has fallen…

In an attempt to save her mentor, Shirina paid a devastating price. Now infected by the darkest of powers, she is bound to a staff and cursed with limited magic.

On a quest to safeguard what remains of the Circle and fulfill its mission to protect the Land of Light, Shirina must find a way to fuse the clashing powers of light and darkness. Alone and without support, with dwindling time until her body succumbs to the inevitable darkness, Shirina must seek redemption and re-forge old alliances.

Cassara Edoline and Avarielle Grayloft are her only hope of success, but the princess distrusts her and the warrior wants her dead. As the final battle for their land erupts and the three struggle with their failing powers, they must again join forces to reunite their broken land or watch their world crumble and be swept away in tides of death.