Wednesday 13 March 2013

We're Moving!

So, after a year of discussions, Roomy and I finally bought a house!

We realized that we had both being thinking in a rather traditional way about house purchases (first comes the husband, then the house!)  So, the husbands haven't showed up for either of us, and we enjoy living with each other, so we decided to just go for the house.  Of course now we'll both meet Mr. Right within a few days of moving in...

But anyway.  The house. We spend one day with super agent (and mystery writer!) Peggy Blair and saw seven houses during a snow swept day.  We fell in love with the last house we saw.  Fully finished and renovated, move-in ready, and the kitchen! I want to live in that kitchen!  I'd post a picture here, but pictures do it absolutely no justice.  You should probably just start being envious of our kitchen as of right now.  It's the only way to go.

Roomy signing the offer! ... yes, we took pictures of each other signing the papers.  Her picture (and probably signature) turned out better. I look like I'm signing papers and singing about it at the same time. Which is really too awesome to share on a blog.
It was a smooth process with absolutely no bump or horror story to report.  A bit dull, I know, but in this case, I'm more than okay with that.   We gained possession on March 1. 

And now we're homeowners!!!
I'm sure it would be to no one's surprise if I reported that Roomy's ponies have already moved in before us. Is anyone surprised? Didn't think so. That's her in our new living room with another pony collecting friend. Friends who encourage each other to collect should help move collections - that's our philosophy.
On Friday, the movers are coming for the rest of the stuff. We're busy packing and getting rid of lots of junk.  Lotsa.  We never merged our households until now, so we had doubles of everything in the basement. Enough of that!
Turns out that unsprung cat traps are just as effective as their built peers. 
We're trying to strike a balance between eating crap and eating veggies, whining and praising, packing and sleeping, patting cats and shooing them away.  Needless to say, we're completely failing, and the eating crap, sleeping and cat patting are totally winning. We're more on the praising side, but that's because of the kitchen. We praise the kitchen.  (Feel the kitchen envy!)
There's a monster living in the backyard next door.  It's pretty awesome.
And so, this blog is on official hiatus for the rest of March. We need to get the Internet back up and find the computers again after they've gone missing, so that'll take time.  I'll try to keep an eye on my e-mail, but please have patience - my systems are not all go!

If you're in Ottawa and can come out on Saturday to the Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories book launch, that would be great. I'll be reading from my story The Kevlar Canoe.  It's a flying canoe, so you know it's a good story!

Have a great beginning of March!

I leave you with a disembodied cake pony head.  Because I'd hate for you  to think we were all work and no play.  Oh no.  That's just not how we roll in this house, or the next!