Thursday 10 May 2012

I Admire You

A lot of my friends are going through tough times right now.  This is for them - for reminding me every day how strong they are and, without even knowing it, for encouraging me to be stronger.

I admire you.  I really do.

I admire how you struggle through life.  I admire that you manage to get up in the morning. I admire that you fight your weaknesses to the best of your abilities. Today. Every day.

I admire that you don't call it a weakness, too. I admire that you call it "what I have to get through," or "this temporary thing."

I admire that greatly.

I admire that you manage to go to sleep, each night, every night.  That you manage to shed the nightmares when you wake up. I admire your ability to dream, still, of a better day.

I admire your persistance, your perseverance, your belief, your stubbornness, your desire to win.

And I admire your tears.  I admire that you still manage to cry even as you say everything will be fine.  I admire that you don't always camouflage your sadness.

I admire that you don't even realize how much you inspire.  That, in your determination to make it through your day, you fail to realize that you've helped others make it through theirs. So many others.

I admire your surprise when you figure this out.

I admire when you reach for the light through the inky darkness.

I admire your laughter.

I admire you.

And, I admire that, when you read this, you probably won't even think I'm referring to you. So if you have but a speck of a doubt that this might be about you - if you're a friend,  if we've spoken once or twice, if our paths have crossed, virtual or otherwise, then believe me, this is about you.

Because I admire you.  And I wanted to thank you.


  1. And I admire you for saying that. Be well. :)

  2. ... and we, those struggling to get through our temporary setbacks, road blocks, and whatever crap life has decided to throw at us, thank you Marie, for your daily dose of humour on those days when we felt like there was nothing else that could make us smile or laugh. Thank you for being so you. xo

  3. I loved this post. Thank you for continued awesomeness, Marie!