Thursday 3 April 2014

Ad Astra Schedule

This weekend, I'll be at Ad Astra! Always a super fun con, we're compounding the fun once again by hosting another CAN-CON cupcake/sweet/caffeine party. Woo! 

Here's my schedule:

Friday, April 4

Myth-Information in Modern Fantasy
8 pm, Markham A
How do authors incorporate traditional lore and myths into their modern-day fantasy settings? Is it possible to make a witch burning pertinent in the twenty-first century? Discuss these, and other inflammatory questions, in this panel.
Chadwick Ginther, Jen Frankel, Marie Bilodeau, Stephen B. Pearl, Katrina Guy

Writing When You Have a Day Job
9 pm, Markham A
Forget work-life balance. In a world where work hours are getting longer and many of us are constantly connected to work, how do you balance the demands of two jobs - the one you love and the one that pays the rent? Can you reasonably succeed at both? Come hear our panelists discuss the challenges of trying to write while holding down a day job and learn their tips on how to make it work.
Ada Hoffman, Joel Sutherland, Karen Danylak, Marie Bilodeau

Saturday, April 5

1 pm, Oakridges
I'll read from Destiny's War, and possibly The Kevlar Canoe again. For I love it so. Or maybe from a work in progress!  Who knows...

Author Signings
2-4 pm, Richmond A
This is where I sit and look pretty until someone brings a book to sign to comes to chat. It's all good.

CAN-CON Cupcake and Sweets Party
6-8 pm, Suite 1086
This will be oodles of fun.  I hope you come and consider coming to CAN-CON in October!  Jo Walton is the guest of honour this year.  She's awesome. If that doesn't lure you out, then this will: Paper Airplane Competition.  That's right.  You heard me.  ... so, we'll see you there, then!

The rest of the time, I'll be sitting at tables (both the Dragon Moon and the Bundoran tables), I'll be going to see some of my friends readings, and I'll be hanging out chatting. Can't wait to see you!

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