Monday, 28 April 2014

Social Media and Writers

Last week, the Ottawa Independent Writers invited me to give another workshop on social media for writers, after a very fun one in January 2013. Always a great group, I was thrilled to be invited again.
Because they remembered me from last year, they plied me with sweets.  Very smart.  No one perished, but there was an alarmingly high amount of talk about beheadings.
For anyone interested, here's the presentation. We focused a lot on online strategies, action plans and actual platforms. Even without my charming exemples of embarassment, it might prove useful.

I also promised I'd post some basic information on how to create an account. To encourage basic social media use, I invite folk to go to YouTube and search for "How to Create a Facebook/Twitter/etc. Account." The link brings you to the Facebook basics. It's a good start.

On the topic of social media, I'm also a guest speaker at a conference on Wednesday on that very topic, except super more academic.  I've woven stories with practices in my part, and hope you'll drop by to hear it! Check out the info here:

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