Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Special Hardcover Edition of Nigh 2!

The hardcover edition of Nigh 2 is now available!  Complete with gorgeous art from cover artist Kerri Elizabeth Gerow, this is an edition not to be missed!

For those of you who asked - there will be an omnibus edition, released fall of 2016.  But it won't have the pretty extra art, nor will it be hard cover.  Let your book sense guide you to the edition that's right for you!

Book 2

The mists have lifted, leaving behind a shattered world. Still reeling from the loss of her best friend, Alva Viola Taverner must trust the mysterious watchmaker to keep them safe.

But the road to safety is strewn with bodies and, up ahead, the faeries still thirst for human blood. Amazon.caBook DepositoryChapters/IndigoBarnes & Noble

An excerpt
He had almost lost Alva again. As simple as that. A moment in time, a single faerie. Worse, he was almost out of sand. He had put what extra he could in his pockets, to ward off faerie magic. He shifted, uncomfortable. He’d also sewn sand into the lining of his coat and in the sole of his boots, to keep time from finding him. He could never step fully on the ground of this earth again, lest he turn to the dust of a century.

He could use the sand protecting him, but he would forfeit his life.

He was a watchmaker no longer able to survive the speed of his own time.

Hector imagined the ticking of the watch. He imagined it like heartbeats, mimicking his own. A beat per second. Tiny gears working away diligently, keeping their one task. To move time forward. To succeed at one thing, like a soldier on the field.

He would use the sand if he needed to. He would turn to dust in this world.

But not before he answered one final battle call.  

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