Wednesday 18 April 2012

Ad Astra and Brain Fail

Ad Astra was loads of fun as always, but this year was special since I launched my latest novel, Destiny's Fall. 

I saw my new book for the first time at Ad Astra.  I must admit it's the first time I thought "wow, I'm so thrilled to hold you, newest brain babble."  Usually it's "wow, this is finally done, I'm so sick of you, brain vomit."  This doesn't reflect how I feel about the stories or characters (I wuvs them), but rather, I believe, the fact that I didn't have four books come out in two years, which is what happened with my other novels.  Those two years felt like constant edits.  You'd feel like your were vomiting brains, too, if you were in constant edits. 

Gabrielle Harbowy, the Dragon Moon Press Editrix-in-Chief, then surprised me with my Foreword Book Award for Destiny's Blood.

I totally got all emotional when I received this, making both Gabrielle and I uncomfortable. We usually discuss how to make character deaths worse, so this was a bit outside our comfort zone. I believe we both emerged as stronger people for it, however.  

The book launch was super well attended and fun. I can't thank the Dragon Moon Press team enough for their help, especially JM Frey and Erik Buchanan.  Leah Petersen also launched her debut novel, Fighting Gravity, and her reading was beautiful.  It's worth picking up!
Gwen Gades, publisher of Dragon Moon Press, sent us little congratulatory dragons.  How freakin' adorable is that???

The panels were fun, and I got to meet lots of new and old friends.  I also judged the writing contest with Kevin Nunn, Miriam Harrison, Leah Bobet and Julie Czerneda, and the quality of writing was inspiring. Especially after all of our useless (but funny) prompts.  I hope all of the participants keep on pushing their writing, and I can't wait to read more from them!
I made a sign for an end of the world panel.  My nuclear blast looks like a tree, however, so I don't think it sent the right message.  Oh well.  I got kind of scholarly in that panel, too, which was also outside my comfort zone of embarrassing personal anecdotes and nonsensical stories.  I was just pushing those personal boundaries this weekend!  

Gabrielle Harbowy doing a reading from our co-authored story, Deserter, from The Beast Within II.  It was neat hearing her read it (it was her first reading and she did an awesome job), especially since I hadn't read it since it was published.  

I must admit that parts of the con are a bit of a blur, due to a functional but irritating migraine.  So if I did or said anything inappropriate, well, I probably meant it, but I might not remember.  Forward all complaints to the complaints department: (email address may be inactive).  If you tell me a really awesome story of what I did the next time I meet you, I'll buy you a drink for entertaining me.  

So, like my chopped up con memory, here are some snapshots of what happened:

I like this picture, because I look forlorn and lost.  And I might have been, as a bunch of folk were in my room drinking on Friday afternoon, and I imagine I was wondering how that came to be. Or I'd had too much to drink. We'll now never know.

Why people allow me to help out at events is beyond me.  The lovely Leah Bobet, who was launching her novel Above, allowed me to help set up. Or was desperate for help, I'm not sure. What she got out of it was a tower of dead tim-tams, with the two sole survivors going at it on top.  You may think I'm strange, but the real psychos are those who ate the dead tim-tams and the lovers after being told exactly what the chocolate sculpture of yumminess represented. You know who you are... On another, perhaps related note, Gabrielle's assistant, after reading my When the Villain Comes Home story, said that she loved the story, but that I might need therapy.  Weird, I know.
Those are all tidbits of the weekend, but there was entirely too much coolness to capture in a strange picture-infected blog post.  Thanks to all of my friends, new and not-so-new, for making this another memorable weekend.

Now I'm prepping for tomorrow's book launch in Ottawa, and I'm super thrilled about it.  Hope to see you there!  Lieutenant's Pump on Elgin (near Gladstone), from 5 to 9 - come and go as you please. Woo!


  1. 'Twas I! I ate the tim-tams!

  2. It's bad enough that you ate them, Kevin, but to admit it with something akin to pride?