Wednesday 17 August 2011

Confession of a Coffee Addict

I just had an awesome weekend at When Words Collide in Calgary and now I'm chilling in PEI, and it's loosening up the spirits (in a good way).  It's making me come to terms with some aspects of my life and wanting to confess them. To all of you. (If you expect anything serious here, you're obviously new to my blog.  Welcome!)

You see, I post a lot about coffee and caffeine.  And yes, I love them.  Dearly.  There are so many reasons to do so, really. Caffeine wakes me up gently in the morning.  It's warm and comforting on cold winter days.   It's fun to watch it turn from black to caramel colour while pouring milk or cream in it.  (You know it is!)

I love it. But, I must point out, or confess, that I've been... oh, I can't say it.  It's like a confessional.  A self-intervention.  Something the children need to know (okay, my niece and nephew don't care as long as I spin them around enough).

Here goes.

Lately, aside from a few morning sips, I've been mostly drinking... decaf. (Self-gasp!)

I know it's a shock. But the truth is, I'm very high energy naturally.  The coffee tends to send me over the abyss, into a land of (more) incoherence and (deeper) insanity.  If I have too much and it's a busy day (which most of them are), I'll even get shakes.  It impacts productivity, but makes me giggle. Whereas it should sharpen the mind and senses, it often simply dulls them to the point of (further) uselessness.  It's only the daily grind that makes coffee too powerful for my gears. The weekends, the vacations, the days away... oh, how those are still caffeine-filled.  (PEI is a haven of caffeine.  Drinking some as I write this.)

But how I still love coffee.  I love the soothing, warm sensation of it trickling down my throat, I wake up for its roasty scent, I socialize around pots of its earthy goodness.  I wasn't willing to give those up.  Oh no!  Never!

But the caffeine?  Well, yes.  I don't need that.  I'm functional enough (mostly) (kind of) (somedays).  So there you go.  My confession.  I hope you'll all forgive me and still love me.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my cuppa decaf and continue writing in coffee shops in the morning.  I earn my stay.  I drink my keep.


  1. Uh-oh! It's a Very Special Episode of Marie's blog!

  2. Don't know if I could go cold turkey, but I might graduate to half-caf one day... Generally, decaf does nothing for me; the taste is not the same, and frankly, I need the jolt. I always thought that decaf was rather like kissing your sister... I do, however, tend to drink too much coffee...

    Good luck with that pesky coffee monkey... I'm good friends with mine, and we get along fine.

  3. Caffeinated, decaffeinated, sane, or off the wall, we'll all still love you Marie.