Thursday 4 August 2011

Five-Year Plan - Strategy 1

Remember a loooong time ago when I promised I'd reveal my five-year plan?  And I revealed my main goal and then said I'd reveal my strategies regularly and soon?  Well, I lied.  There you go.  Just getting it out there.

I've found lately that my focus is wavering, so I guess that's a sign that I should post a bit more about my plan. Well, it'll probably help me re-focus, anyway, so here we go!

We covered goal setting in the last post, so now I'll attack the first of my four strategies.

Each strategy has "tactics," and each tactic breaks down into specific goals, which I think are important to make sure everything's still on track. I'm not going to give you all of those, but enough for you to get an idea of how I set them up.  So far I'm on target, but this is only year 2, so my numbers aren't super high.  And yet I'm in danger of failing at several of the numbers.  Sad, but true.

Some of these tactics are just to remind myself of decisions I made. I'm, um, impulsive by nature. I have to do something to try to reign myself in!

Alrighty then - here we go.

Strategy 1: Gain more financial independence

Maintain 9-5 job

  • Job must be energizing and enjoyable (trust me - it's possible)

Pay off debt and increase savings

Rent home, don’t buy

  • Can afford mortgage, but repairs/maintenance would drain savings too quickly

Increase storytelling revenue

  • Year 1 - targeted 1,000; actual - 1,050
  • Year 2 - targeted 2,000; actual so far - 957 (this is in danger of not being achieved)
There you go.  Strategy 1.  This was the most obvious strategy.  If I'm going to get more options, I need to get rid of consumer debt.  I'm a single girl, so I only have myself to rely on for money. If ever I decide to change my lifestyle, I also only have myself to count on for support.  I like me, so I'm willing to support me.  :P

I'll post Strategy 2 when the spirit so moves me (how's that for a timeline!)  Maybe next week.  If ever you have any questions or want to throw an idea my way, feel free to contact me!  

Again, a personal action plan may not be for you. But for me, with the writing and publishing and full time job and general running around, it's proved to be a lifesaver and has provided much needed focus.  If you have that without a plan, I'm in awe of you and think you're uber cool.

Me, well, I need a plan. Focus is, um, not a natural part of my personality.  


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