Tuesday 9 August 2011

From Alberta to PEI!

This Friday I'm off to Calgary to partake of the new readercon-style When Words Collide.  They have an awesome line-up of guests and I'm really looking forward to seeing a bunch of my friends.  I haven't been to a Western con since World Fantasy in 2008!  That's just wrong, I know.

This is the list of my fine panels:

Saturday, 8pm
Foothills 2
Story Time With Marie
My usual con fun storytelling extravaganza. Requests are welcome, either before or during the show. If I don't know the story you request, I will pretend I do and make it up, FYI.

Sunday, 11am
Brentwood 1
Writing in English... as a Second Language
Marie Bilodeau; Harold Cardona; Ann Cooney; Ron Freidman
The challenges of writing fiction in English, when it's not your native tongue.
Sunday, 1pm
Brentwood 1
Mysticism, Religion and Magic in Fiction
Marie Bilodeau; Susan MacGregor; Tereasa Maillie; Jennifer Rahn; Tim Reynolds
When magic and mystical systems are created are we commenting on traditional religions? How are writers and readers influenced by modern shamans, tarot, new age lead-ers? What are readers looking for?
Sunday, 4pm
Brentwood 1
How to Give Author Readings
Marie Bilodeau; Tony King; Carolyn Pogue; Bob Stallworthy
Learn the tricks and nuances to give a truly inspiring reading of your work.
I hope to see you around!  I'll also be at various book launches and parties.  W00t!
Then I'm off to PEI for a mini vacation!  While I'm there, I'll be doing a book signing in Summerside, so please come out for the fun!
I'll be at Celtic Mist from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday, August 17.  Thanks to Jennafer and Kat for being so welcoming!
I hope to see some of you on my (sort of) cross-country extravaganza!


  1. Oooooooooooo! Any chance you could do a repeat of that panel on giving author readings at another con? Say Ad Astra 2012? I'd love to attend that one but there's no way I can make it out to Calgary. (Need to save my vacation time for next year. Hoping to get into Clarion)

    I can only imagine how hard it is to write in English when it isn't your native tongue. Do you write in French and then translate, or is everything done in English?

  2. Hey Kris! First off - good luck on Clarion! :D

    I write everything in English, but I have a lot of "Frenchisisms" that pop up. I became familiar with fantasy literature in English, so I'm much more familiar with the English words and sentence structures. Still, lots of French structures slip in there! Maybe we'll re-do this panel at another con. Let's hope so! Remind me to suggest it. :D